When Is Leasing A Car More Logical Than Buying?

It cannot be denied that having a car nowadays is not a means for showing off to people but rather, it’s already a necessity.  Due to the expansion of commercial areas and residential lands, people find themselves having difficulties in going to work especially if their places of residence are very far from their offices.  In the early years, having a car is a display of luxury and vanity.  Nowadays though, having a car means being efficient and going to work without stressing yourself out with the long commute, waiting, and air pollution.

Now that cars have already proven that they are very important in the lives of many people, car manufacturers have also made sure that they are answering to the demand of the people.  The problem is that even though manufacturers can make a lot of cars, not all people who want to own a car can buy one.  Despite the prevalence of cars these days, they are still extremely expensive and the car loan bills are quite terrifying.  Meaning, even if majority of the community wants to have a car, only a few of them will get to do so since not all are earning enough to pay for a car.   But does this mean that the average person cannot experience what it’s like to drive a car? Well, an average person can still experience driving a car as long as he or she is willing to lease one.  Yes, you have read that right.  There are already companies nowadays that lease cars to individuals who are looking for leased cars.  And the best thing is that these companies do not just lease old and used cars but they also lease high-end vehicles so users who cannot afford to buy a Maserati or a Jaguar will still have a chance to drive one.

But here’s a question, when is leasing a car more logical than buying one? Well, this question is dependent upon a lot of factors.  For one, a person must check his or her monthly earnings and then compare it to car lease monthly payments (if she or he is planning to lease) or car loan monthly payments (if he or she is planning to buy one).  If his or her monthly earnings will only suffice to pay for car leases, then the person must opt for car leasing.  The second thing that needs to be considered is the frequency of use and the travel distance. Car leasing have a limited amount of mileage. If you exceed the limits, ugly consequences will follow.  You will be heavily penalized if you have exceeded the set limit of the car leasing company.  However, if you own the car then there should be no problem about this thing since you can drive all you want.

The next thing that you should consider is your available money on hand.  If your savings are very low then your best chance is to lease a car.  Most car leasing companies only require low down payments. Normally, car leasing companies will just ask their clients for 2,000 US$ and below upfront payments.  Whereas, if you are planning to own a car, however, then expect to cough up a huge amount of money to pay the down payment upfront.

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